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GPS transport control

Innovative decisions in the sphere of GPS monitoring of the transport. It is a possibility for real-time control over movement of vehicle, fuel consumption, operation of additional devices and controlled parameters.


TOTAL CONTROL System is a telemetric equipmett the determines location placeof the object, speed of movement, engine speed and it's operation time, place and duration of parking, covered distance and amount of fuel in the tank, using signals from sattellete. The system also allows reproduction of events, associated with controlled object, for selected period of time..



The systems allows obtaining of complete information on condition of fuel in the tank, calculation of filled/used (drained) fuel and consumption of lubricants, either designed (fuel allowance per km) or actual (tank data per km).

Using TOTAL CONTROL system and smart cards SC Formula you have a possibility for obtaining of automatic consolidated report. Report allows comparison of data on filling of vehicle at fuel-filling station with data of fuel detector, i.e. exclude all possibilities for abuse of the fuel.



The system allows control over vehicles both within Ukraine and abroad. Coverage area includes 122 countries, located in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and America. We agreed minimum roaming charges with international communication provides.


Our equipment also can be used as a protection system. Except for standard alarm functions, there is a possibility for locking of engine, reaction to opening/closure of doors or baggage compartment and warning of operator about attempt of unauthorized access to vehicle.


Reduction of operation costs for maintenance of vehicles due to complete control of the route, fuel consumption, obtaining of exact data on traveled kilometers and also possibility for creation of a real picture of company's vehicle use.

Increase in development of labor productivity and improvement of personnel's discipline due to effective control over performance of tasks, routes and schedules. Increase of transportation safety due to possibility for authorization of a person, control over travelling of vehicle, travel speed, deviation from designated route or crossing of definite traveling area.

Increase of efficiency of control and planning due to obtaining of reliable and timely information about location place of vehicle and cargo.


Our company provides twenty-four-hours support to all customers of TOTAL CONTROL system by telephone 0-800-508-088 (call from fixed phones are free and prices for calls from mobile phones are in accordance with tariffs of determined mobile phone operators )

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