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Petrol cards

It is a possibility for suitable and convenient filling up at over 1700 fuel-filling complexes of the largest networks of Ukraine and also more than 2200 fuel-filling complexes, located within Russia, Belorussia and Poland.

Smart card "SC Formula" allows filling with any types of fuel, obtaining of additional maintenance services and ensuring of high protection degree. Every customer obtains individual support from highly skilled representative of the company

Benefit and full control

Using smart card "SC Formula", you can not only purchase oil products on beneficial terms, but also obtain extended possibility for controlling of fuel consumption, and, consequently, money assets

A broad network for SERVICING OF smart cardS 

 The number of fuel-filling complexes, servicing smart cards SC Formula, exceeds 1 700 within Ukraine and 2 200 within Russia, Belorussia and Poland. Almost all branded fuel-filling complexes that have proved themselves as providers of high-quality fuel and services, accept smart cards of our company


filling up A FULL TANK

Using smart card “SC Formula” you can fill any volume of the fuel with accuracy of one gram (unlike coupons that are designed for definite volume). For example, if your coupon is for 40 l but your tank is designed only for 25 l. This a major advantage of fuel smart cards over coupons. The system will return the volume of the fuel, which was not filled in the tank, back to the card.

Validity period of the card is 10 years

If you compare magnetic fuel card with smart card “SC Formula” than the last one has advantage in terms of lifetime that is equal to 10 years (magnetic cards have lifetime of 1 year straining from the date of their use). Microprocessor plastic smart cards “SC Formula” (unlike magnetic cards) are resistant to physical effect (effect of the oil, petrol and other chemical substances and mobile phones etc.), therefore their lifetime will be considerably longer while using by the driver. 

VAT Credit. Uniform suit of accounting documents

One of the main advantages of smart cards "SC Formula" is an integration of records into accounting software of Your company. Following the results of the month you will receive a suite of documents, reflecting fuel consumption of Your company, in the shortest possible time. For example, if vehicle fleet pays for fuel by cash, the company will not receive VAT credit that would be possible with smart card "SC Formula". This amount is considerable for small and medium companies.

All information about cards is systematized and calculated by computer, simplifying both, accounting and tax bookkeeping of fuel consumption and use of additional services. Using on-line service You and Your employees can receive reports on any fuel and money flow. These reports, for example, can cover definite period for definite card or a whole month for all valid smart cards. 

Limiting of smart cards

Limit is a practical function of smart card "SC Formula" for those, who want to bound their company’s budget during off-hours. For this purpose you can just set service period for the card, specifying definite period of time. For example, you can block servicing of cards in holidays or working days after 6:00 pm.

Smart card "SC Formula" allows you to set a limit for refueling with definite types of fuel and maximum scope of selection of fuels and lubrications (limit) per day and/or week and/or month. There is also a possibility for setting of maximum amount of transactions with definite card per day/week/month. This will ensure 100% control and accounting of consumption of fuel and additional services. 

24-hour support and on-line access

We provide twenty-four-hour support for all owners of smart cards by helpline 0-800-508-088 (calls from fixed phones are free and prices for calls from mobile phones correspond to tariffs of determined mobile phone operators )


In any time you can receive complete report on remaining balance, date, time, type and volume of filled fuel in your personal account on our website

On-line smart card

One more solution of fuel issues for Your company is on-line cards "SC Formula", which, in spite of their main functions, also have some advantages. It will take you only 5 minutes to lock and unlock your card. If You want to change limits, number of accounts of the card, unlock card by pin-code, it is not necessary to bring it in our office. All changes are made remotely on customer's demand without actual availability of smart card within 5 minutes since change transaction in our company's office.

High degree protection of smart card.

SC Formula guarantees safety of payments due to protection of smart card with pin-code. If your card was lost or stolen You can lock it immediately with a help of call-center operator. The card has a high level of protection against duplication of information and forgery (it is one of its main benefits over magnetic card).

Smart card excludes any possibility for conducting of uncontrolled operations upon fuel filling of vehicles. If the card was lost, unused money balance on the card remains on customer's account.



  • optimization of expenses
  • Planning and control of the budget
  • High safety level
  • Twenty-four-hour on-line access to accounts
  • Personal consultant
  • Branded fuel-filling complexes and high quality fuel.


  • Cashless settlement
  • VAT credit
  • Uniform complete suite of accounting documents (specification of operations, invoices-proforma, reconciliation reports)
  • Timely submission of reports
  • Integration into accounting software.
  • Automatic generation of invoices


  • Broad network of fuel-filling stations.
  • Derailed map for searching of fuel-filling complex on company's site.
  • Safe settlements
  • Helpline for solution of issues
  • The possibility for creation of route on our website considering driver's desires.