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Permit Forms

Fuel coupons (permit documents) SC Formula is a mean of safe payment for different value of the fuel with multilevel protection system.


It is an excellent possibility for a company, spending considerable amount of cash for a fuel, not only to plan budget but also fix it. Permit forms are fixed fuel prices. Expenses for refueling vehicles will not be increased together with price at fuel-filling complex that, in its turn, exclude unexpected costs. For accountant it is an additional benefit, represented by uniform suite of accounting documents on fuel consumption in the company


Our company has developed fuel coupons, designed for nominal value of 10, 20 and 40 liters. Thanks to our large experience and analysis of our customers' demands we decided to use exactly this range. This is an optimal volume, which can be consumed by Your vehicle per day. 



Taking into account geography and scope of activity of our customers, we have developed permit forms of three types:

  • Ukrainian national permit forms are coupons that are serviced at over 350 fuel-filling stations of the largest branded networks of Ukraine. Detailed list of fuel-filling stations, accepting coupons SC Formula you can find here;
  • Regional permit forms are coupons, which can be used only in definite region. Due to that fuel price varies depending of region of Ukraine, regional fuel coupons can differ in price depending on region;
  • Interregional permit forms are coupons that are serviced only in definite networks of fuel-filling stations within Ukraine. The price for such coupons is rather attractable for a customer cause as a rule it is lower than the average price for fuel and lubricants, set in the largest networks of fuel-filling stations. The list of fuel-filling stations, servicing interregional coupons you can find here
 Depending of purchased volume our company grants our customers discounts. We also pay much attention to quality of our services therefore every customer has a possibility for use our twenty-four-hour helpline.