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A new product of SCFormula Company for identify and transmit the exact coordinates of the object


In case of need SControl allows to determine the position of stolen or lost vehicle, valuable cargo, expensive equipment or other assets.This product is designed for vehicle owners who wish to obtain a state-of-the-art satellite search system with minimal costs.


An entirely stand-alone device which doesn’t require any complex installation works. It is installed stealthily on the protected object. It is capable of positioning and transmitting to the user LBS and GPS coordinates of stolen or lost vehicle, valuable cargo, and expensive equipment. LBS (Location Based Services) is technology capable of positioning objects not by data from satellites, but from the closest GPS stations; the accuracy of positioning is 200-500 m. 


  • Simple activation, installation and application; 
  • It is difficult to detect it by detectors; 
  • Simple operating algorithm among similar devices - not less than 4 years with data transmitted once in a day;
  • Wide spectrum of device application;
  • High fault tolerance of the entire system;
  • There are no problems with aftersales service of the vehicle;



  • Long stand-alone control of the position of mobile objects, special equipment, yachts, boats, motorcycles, containers, cargo, wagons, etc. 
  • Control of the position of any objects with limited onboard power 
  • Technical maintenance while in service

The WEB interface of the product and more detailed information on the product are at