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Container Filling Station

Automatic container refueling station is an innovative solution unrivalled in Ukraine.

SC Formula Automatic container refueling station is represented by a fully automatic filling station that does not require presence of the personnel and that provides the fuel release for ultimate consumers.


Attractive price and guaranteed quality

The automatic container refueling station provides the release of diesel and gasoline A-95 produced under the European standards by the best manufacturers. The fuel price is lower than the average market price due to reduction of operating costs.


Various payment methods

You can pay for the fuel at the automatic container refueling station both with cash and a bank card, or by using noncash settlement (the details are provided at the regional representative offices of our company).


Convenient location

SC Formula automatic container refueling stations are located at the following address:

-       Kyiv, Zabolotnogo str., 37 (the SEC "Art Mall")


Specification and safety

Automatic container refueling station is factory manufactured in accordance with TU and technical documentation, agreed and approved in accordance with law of Ukraine. The equipment is certified and approved for use within Ukraine..

Equipment of automatic container filling station:

  • Two-walled steel vessel of advanced reliability with constant pressure monitoring of insulation space and capacity of20 m3.
  • Electronic fuel-dispensing unit with accuracy level of 0,25% and capacity of 80 l/m.
  • Two-level gas sensor, ensuring constant monitoring of explosive concentration levels of gas
  • Sound-and-light emergency alarm with automatic disconnection of the equipment
  • Automatic forced ventilation
  • Automatic firefighting system
  • Electronic level gauge with possibility for measuring of density, temperature, leakage control and two-sample control of tank filling.
  • Security alarm system
  • Video control system
  • System for online GSM monitoring of all parameters, modes and conditions of automatic container filling station


Twenty-four-hour support

We provide twenty-four-hour technical and informational support for all customers, who use automatic container filling station, by helpline 0-800-508-088 (calls from fixed phones are free and prices for calls from mobile phones correspond to tariffs of determined mobile phone operators).