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    01 november 2014
    Total Control

    Dear clients and subscribers,
    We have the honour to present a new version of the TOTAL CONTROL website -

    TOTAL CONTROL offers affordable and high quality transport monitoring GPS systems and a full range of additional solutions on vehicle operation control and metering.
    We made our website as simple and user-friendly as possible.
    Comfortable navigation on the website allows you to compile an optimal solution with little effort and to send a request to the sales department to have comprehensive consultations.

    01 november 2014

    SC Formula  offers a new innovative product "Cicada".


    "Cicada"  is a stand-alone search system based on GPS and LBS technologies with search and detection functions for the consumer and corporate markets.


    This product is designed for vehicle owners who wish to obtain a state-of-the-art satellite search system with minimal costs.


    The WEB interface of the product and more detailed information on the product advantages and usage features are at http://cicada.scformula.ua

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